Drag each angle measure to the correct location on the image. Each angle measure can be used more than once.

Accepted Solution

Answer:The solution in the attached figure[tex]m<A=43\°[/tex][tex]m<B=137\°[/tex][tex]m<C=43\°[/tex][tex]m<D=43\°[/tex][tex]m<E=137\°[/tex][tex]m<F=137\°[/tex][tex]m<G=43\°[/tex]  Step-by-step explanation:see the attached figure with letters to better understand the problemPart 1) Find the measure of angle Awe know that[tex]m<A+137\°=180\°[/tex] ------> by supplementary anglesso[tex]m<A=180\°-137\°=43\°[/tex]Part 2) Find the measure of angle Bwe know that[tex]m<B=137\°[/tex] ------> by vertical anglesPart 3) Find the measure of angle Cwe know that[tex]m<C=m<A[/tex] ------> by vertical anglesso[tex]m<C=43\°[/tex]Part 4) Find the measure of angle Dwe know that[tex]m<D=m<A[/tex] ------> by corresponding anglesso[tex]m<D=43\°[/tex]Part 5) Find the measure of angle Ewe know that[tex]m<E+m<D=180\°[/tex] ------> by supplementary anglesso[tex]m<E+43\°=180\°[/tex][tex]m<E=180\°-43\°=137\°[/tex]Part 6) Find the measure of angle Fwe know that[tex]m<F=m<E[/tex] ------> by vertical anglesso[tex]m<F=137\°[/tex]Part 6) Find the measure of angle Gwe know that[tex]m<G=m<D[/tex] ------> by vertical anglesso[tex]m<G=43\°[/tex]